10 Facts About Yourself That Tumblr Should Know :

  1. I am generally a nice, sweet and happy girl, but the littlest stuff will piss me off.
  2. I can become your best friend, your lover, your therapist, or even your enemy. Which ever one it is, I will not change for anyone. Love me for who I am and I will love you back 10x more!
  3. M&M cookies, chicken alfredo or liquor (sadly.. SMH) is the best way to win my heart! <3
  4. But too bad Tony Ky has my heart since September 2008 and he refuses to give it back :)
  5. I have more guy friends than girls. I just seem to get along with guys more. But don’t go around judging me bitches, kus you will get slapped up! Lol >:P
  6. I forgive, but NEVER forget. Saying so, I tend to hold grudges and I HATE it…
  7. Other things I hate are spiders, needles, clowns, broken-hearts, bitches with no respect, negetivity, rascism, open doors, send-offs, insects, vegetables, most fruits, milk, anything healthy (LOL, i know.. SMH!), cigarettes, being sick, etc. etc. etc.
  8. My family, best friends and boyfriend brought me to where and who I am today. They are my world.. So, fuck with them, and I’ll fuck you up. SIMPLE ;)
  9. You will never see me without my phone, vaseline, gum, money and keys! Those are my must haves. If I don’t have one, I will feel very off that day..
  10. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE TO LAUGH. Make me laugh and we will become the bestest of friends :D
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"Love is like an earthquake. Unpredictable and scary, but when the hard part is over, you realize how lucky you are."

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